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Reasons for studying at DHBW Mannheim

The dual education system combines academic learning with direct application and expansion of knowledge in professional practice. The two partners, the university and the student's respective company, take on the task of training qualified new recruits. After 3 years of studies, our graduates have obtained a broad theoretical knowledge of their subject, as well as extensive practical business experience that cannot be acquired at any other university. The subsequent career opportunities of our graduates are excellent. On average, more than 80% of our graduates have employment contracts even before they have finished their studies, taking on demanding jobs in industry and commerce immediately after graduation.

The degree programs at DHBW Mannheim last for three years. Alternating between theoretical and practical phases, enriches the studies with diversity and variety, and graduates usually take on responsible, professional tasks while they are still young. Our students are employed by their respective companies and are paid a monthly wage for the entire time of their studies, initiating the first stage of becoming financially independent.

In addition to our full time professors, specialist areas are taught by guest lecturers from other universities, as well as by qualified professionals. This diversity of didactic and professional knowledge ensures that teaching is both academically and practically oriented.

Students are taught in small groups, making sure that every student is included. Both active teaching and learning methods along with intensive personal instruction by professors and tutors, foster motivation and decisively contribute to successful learning. With the establishment of internationally oriented degree programs, we have taken into account the growing globalisation of the labor market. In addition to specialist and social skills, linguistic and intercultural skills are also taught with most degree courses, providing the opportunity to participate in exchange and scholarship programs abroad.