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Partner for an ideal qualification

The DHBW Mannheim operates like a business partnership. During the scientific-theoretical part of their studies, the students collaborate closely with their fellow students at the DHBW, as well as while they are completing the practical part with their partner company.

Nationwide, around 2,000 businesses as well as social and public institutions from all sectors, trust our dual curriculum that benefits both sides: students are able to focus their study goals accurately, while at the same time, the companies know what kinds of highly trained professionals they can expect in the future.

The training companies, as dual study partners, are members of the DHBW and take on a large role in the curriculum. They personally select their students, pay for the practical training, support the vocational advancement process of the students and participate in the desired and potential breadth of their training.

The result of this close cooperation is professionally competent graduates, who can be used with or without a short training period in qualified clerk positions. Since the students already have 6 praxis phases to prove themselves, there is a minimal adjustment risk.


Contact Person

Your contact person for questions concerning the dual study partnership are the department chairs of the respective programm.