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Faculty of Business

Oriented on Real-World Challenges.

Whether in companies or institutions, the understanding and mastering of economic processes, especially in a global, continuous, and timely context, are amongst the most critical success factors in the business world. The Faculty of Business at the DHBW Mannheim teaches courses in the fields of business administration, computer science and business media. One should have a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and the practical ability as goal-oriented implementations. Additionally, the provision of key skills, personal development and cross-cultural competences are important building blocks for education. 

With more than 1,000 graduates each year, the DHBW Mannheim has more graduates annually with a degree in Business Administration than any other university in Germany. 

DHBW Mannheim also has nearly 1,600 partner companies from varying branches of business, guaranteeing an excellent, diverse and up-to-date education and apprenticeship.

The Faculty of Business offers 19 degree programs:



Prof. Dr. Rainer Beedgen
Faculty of Business
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1503
Fax: (0621) 4105-1509

Eveline Höllich
Secretary to Prof. Dr. Beedgen
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1502
Fax: (0621) 4105-1509