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Business Information Systems

The curriculum and on-the-job training prepare the students to develop and apply computer-based information and communication systems in business and administration. Accordingly, the curriculum offers an interdisciplinary range of subjects from business and computer science.

Within the study of Business Information Systems, there is a required specialization in the fields of Application Management, Sales & Consulting or Software Engineering.

The theoretical knowledge is applied and strengthened during the on-the-job training. The course content is complemented through business games, introduction to work techniques and rhetoric, foreign languages and events to stay up-to-date with work related issues.

Students are required either to have their A-levels (Abitur) or any other suitable college preparatory degree (Fachhochschulreife) and a work contract with one of the partner companies. Students should also be equally as interested in business and computer science.

A good understanding of mathematics would be a plus. Also, teamwork skills and job flexibility are very important.

Our partners come from the various fields in private and public economics. A list of partner companies can be found in the partner database.

One receives a Bachelor of Science after the successful completion of 6 semesters. All programs at the DHBW Mannheim are accredited through the ZEvA with 210 ECTS points and are recognized as an intensive course of study.

Graduates will have many different options when choosing a job, both in the IT service as well as IT handler. Typical fields of operation are software and system development, IT support in a specialist department, training, consulting, sales and services, and also the traditional business functions. More jobs are becoming available due to the internet and e-commerce.


Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Engel
Department Chair Application Management
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1254
Fax: (0621) 4105-1249

Prof. Dr. Frank Koslowski
Department Chair Sales & Consulting
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1129
Fax: (0621) 4105-1249

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Baumgart
Department Chair Software Engineering
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1216
Fax: (0621) 4105-1249