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Faculty of Engineering

Shaping the Future for the Coming Generations.

Information technology and engineering services determine our societal, social and business future. The DHBW Mannheim Faculty of Engineering challenges its students along with their respective company out of the over 500 affiliated partner firms to actively shape the future.

Being oriented with market demands, integration of the praxis to the course of studies and the afforded scholarship, characterize the Faculty of Engineering along with its broad spectrum of courses in the fields of Information Technology and Engineering. Additionally, we seek to define the profile of the school across both the degree integrated programs, Center for the Basic Knowledge of Mathematics and Science: ZeMath and 'Concepts of Sustainable Energy'. ZeMath focuses on securing and developing mathematical and scientific principles as prerequisites for successful studies, while the second is the concept of interdisciplinary studies of sustainable energy with an experimental field of renewable energy systems (VEE), which are specially placed on the campus.

The Faculty of Engineering offers five degree programs:



Prof. Dr. Andreas Föhrenbach
Dean Faculty of Engineering
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1400
Fax: (0621) 4105-1509

Verena Redmann
Secretary to Prof. Dr. Föhrenbach
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1401
Fax: (0621) 4105-1196