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Computer Science

Computer scientists need very good interdisciplinary communication and cooperation sklls. Within the field of software technology, they concern themselves with the implementation process of models in machine-readable procedures. Side effects must be taken into account. Data protection and data security ensure that unauthorized people are not able to operate the program or data.

Computer graphics stands as one of the most important interfaces between reality and computers, allowing the direct use of image information, while simultaneously  offering a gentle treatment of information in visual form.

The third area of operation for a computer scientist is the creation of technical infrastructures. Thus, the structure and function of a computer system, as well as the safe operation of computer networks, are the areas of focus. Education and training applicaton-specific programming languages, operating systems and database technology are further focal points of the program. 

Goals for the Degree Program

  • The well-grounded and constantly up-dated exchange of computer science related, information technology, economical and intercultural skills.
  • The ability to help shape and develop future IT systems and applications
  • The theoretical and praxis integrated preparation for participation and leadership of company and nationwide IT projects.
  • Especially for the international oriented programs (IBC): the continuous increase of language and social skills through course related theory and practical phases abroad.

Note: all courses are only offered in German.


Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Holger Hofmann
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Waitsa Samara-Ciatipi
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