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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the specialties seen on a regular basis. In the industrial and private sectors, the use of electrical devices indispensable. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to go an entire day without contact with any electrical devices. From street lights to computers, electrical engineering is required.

The field of Electrical Engineering has grown exponentially in the last ten years with modern technologies such as information technology, automation and microelectronics, in addition to the classical areas of energy technology and communication technology, have arrived.

The products of these new areas have led to a drastic change in the profession. Along with the technical expertise, the ability to deal with people is just as important for successful utilization of sophisticated technological tools. The significance of economics aspects in the everyday work life also plays a major role in electrical engineering.

The Electrical Engineering curriculum covers a broad spectrum and is designed to be varied and versatile. Due to the different domestic and foreign applications and fields of study, our graduates have excellent career prospects.

Electrical Engineering is one of the few degree programs that has been offered at the DHBW Mannheim since its founding in 1974. The concentration area Electrical Energy Technology is currently only offered at the Mannheim location, with a focal point being renewable energy.

Note: all courses are only offered in German.


Contact Person

Prof. Kay Wilding
Department Chair
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Sonja Oechsler
Tel.: (0621) 4105-1228
Fax: (0621) 4105-1318