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International Education

Think global, act local.

At the DHBW Mannheim, we believe international education is the local response to the process of globalization. We want our students not only to be adept at their respective fields and be broadly knowledgeable, but also to be culturally aware, innovative, flexible and mobile. We want them to gain professional competence in a global context.

Keeping this in mind, we follow a sustainable international strategy and aim at developing an international sensitivity on all levels of our university, both individual and organizational. Our major activities include:

  • Pursuing international teaching and learning initiatives for the benefit of students, staff, cooperating companies and international partners.
  • Providing a more diversified and internationalized academic experience for our students and staff.
  • Reinforcement of exchanges with universities worldwide.
  • Promotion of international cooperation both on the academic and industry levels.
  • Reinforcement of first-class study abroad and exchange programs.

Consequently, we promote an international perspective throughout our university community to prepare our students to become leaders in a multi-ethnic and global society.

Foreign languages and international perspectives are integrated in all of our programs to prepare our students for international professions. However, over the last decade we have also developed various programs with a sustainable internationalized curriculum like International Business (IB), International Management for Business and Information Technology (IMBIT) and projects like the International Seminar (ISEM). Here, the traditional subject areas are broadened by an internationally comparative approach and the programs explicitly address cross-cultural communication issues and provide training in intercultural skills.

Both the programs IB and IMBIT aim at preparing students for performing professionally, socially and emotionally in an international and multicultural context. With our International Seminar, we challenge both the intellectual and empathic abilities of our students. In addition, we offer interdisciplinary summer schools abroad to broaden the horizon of our students.


International Applicants

International Applicants must apply to the equivalency of the educational credentials at:


The international office at the DHBW Mannheim is not involved in the application and admission process.

For more information refer to: ias(at)dhbw.de