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Please follow these Steps when Applying as an Exchange Student:


  1. Apply at your home university (International Office) for the exchange program with Mannheim.
  2. Your home university will contact us with your nomination.
  3.  If you are accepted we will send you an email asking for you application using following documents, to be sent to the International Office at the DHBW Mannheim:
  • APPLICATION FORM: please download the document "DHBW application form for exchange students" and save it before starting to fill in the blanks otherwise it will not work.
  • Official transcript of records of your home university
  • Copy of a  health insurance document valid for your study period in Mannheim (No travel insurance!)
  • CV in English or German (here you can find a CV template in English and German)
  • 1 Photo (passport size)


First: After filling in the form and signing it, please scan the documents and send it to 


Second: Send all application documents to the following address:

International Office
DHBW Mannheim
Coblitzallee 1-9
68163 Mannheim

Deadline for application at the DHBW:
31 May for Fall Semester and 31 October for Spring Semester.

We cannot accept applications after these dates!!!!!

Important: Provide the International Office with a valid E-Mail address, which you use on a regular basis.

VISA: International students who need a visa for studying in Germany have to apply in their home country. The International Office will send you a confirmation letter for your visa application. 

HEALTH INSURANCE: Make sure you have valid health insurance for your stay in Germany. Valid health insurance is a requirement to study in Germany! We also recommend the following: Personal liability, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. 

PICK UP SERVICE: We provide a pickup service from the Train Station in MANNHEIM (Only during the welcome week - not on weekends) to be confirmed.

·   Enjoy your stay in Mannheim!

    The DHBW Mannheim does not charge exchange students for tuition. There is, however, a non-waivable fee (Semesterbeitrag) of currently 81,00 EUR per semester, to be paid to the Studentenwerk Mannheim. The Studentenwerk Mannheim is a service organization, which provides inexpensive housing, meals and other social services for all students in Mannheim. All students, including exchange students, must pay this fee. There are no exemptions or exceptions. The possibility to use all sport facilities, with most of the sport programs offered being free, along with having inexpensive meals at the main cafeteria are just two of the benefits which you gain in paying the "Semesterbeitrag".

    You can also buy the "Semesterticket" for an additional 170,00 EUR (valid for six months), which allows you to use all trams, buses and local trains in the Rhein-Neckar Region for free (price subject to change).

    All relevant information about housing can be found here.

    If you would like to find your own accommodations in Mannheim we have provided many popular websites which will assist you in your search. Click here.

    Proof of health insurance is mandatory for enrollment. You have several options to prove it:

    Option 1 (European Students)

    European Students with EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). For EU-students only.

    Option 2 (Students from outside Europe)

    German public health insurance
    It costs approximately 90 € per month (standard price for all students from all health insurance companies). You will have the opportunity to buy it during the enrollment period.

    Option 3 (Students from outside Europe)
    German private health insurance
    Students from non-EU countries or students who cannot provide the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) can purchase a German private health insurance, e. g. MAWISTA, a special private health insurance for exchange students. The monthly prime is  from 35 €  to 75 €, depending on the coverage. More information at mawista.com.

    Be aware that once you have a private health insurance, it is not possible to change to a German health insurance. You will not be able to earn more than 450 € per month in a job / internship.

    Option 4: Health Insurance from home country (NO Travel insurance)
    The insurance has to cover the whole stay in Germany. You have to get authorization of the German public health service. Important: To get this authorization, you must have health insurance from your home country, you need a copy of your benefit plan and your insurance contract.

    General Information about Health Insurance System in Germany in at least 10 foreign languages you can find here: www.1a.net/versicherung/krankenversicherung/international

    International Office
    English Site

    Contact for Exchange Students

    International Office
    DHBW Mannheim
    Coblitzallee 1-9
    68163 Mannheim Germany

    Tel: +49 (0) 621 4105 1184
    Fax: +49 (0) 621 4105 1807

    Fact Sheet 2018/2019 for Exchange Students